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The Classic Story

John Grossman, President of Classic Hotels & Resorts, has a mission of providing guests and groups alike with a hotel brand that blends the consistent service of a premiere chain hotel, with the unique design and service elements of a boutique hotel.  As John says, “Guests stay at hotels for a variety of reasons.  Some for business, some for pleasure, and some out of just pure necessity.  Our job is to help them.  Help them achieve a successful business trip, help them relax, or just help bring a bit of comfort to their lives.  To do that, we have to create a brand that not only provides consistently great service, but a brand that provides unique experiences.  Experiences that help guests achieve their goals.  Experiences they can share with others.”

To bring this vision to life, John hired Richard Behr as the Chief Operating Officer of Classic Hotels & Resorts.  Richard’s vast experience with The Phoenician, Ritz Carlton and Hilton Hotels has created the foundation of a new hotel company that marries all the consistent service standards of the finest chain hotels, with the uniqueness of an independent boutique hotel.  To assist in creating John’s vision, Richard hand-picked a team of industry executives with more than 80-years of Marriott, Starwood and Hyatt experience to lead the growth of the company, along with executives from some of the finest boutique hotels in North America to create a brand that is uniquely different from mainstream hotels.  This, coupled with John’s finesse in creating unique design elements and guest experiences, helps complete his vision of creating a hotel company featuring the “The Best of Both Worlds.”

Another quality that makes the company so unique is that Classic Hotels & Resorts owns and manages ALL of their hotels.  This renders the company free from substantial management, franchise and corporate marketing fees, along with global sales and loyalty program fees which chain hotels must pass on to the guest.  Classic Hotels & Resorts is then able to provide attentive service at every turn, impeccable food and beverage offerings, and unique experiences which many chain hotels are unable to match…all at a fair price.  In essence, the best of both worlds.

Classic Hotels & Resorts Partnership with 1% for the Planet

As part of an ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability, Classic Hotels & Resorts proudly partners with 1% for the Planet, a globally-recognized alliance of businesses that understand the necessity of protecting the natural environment, as the network’s first ever hotel management company to join.

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The Arizona Grand is certainly on my top 5 list for places to hold association meetings.

Bill Elliott, Aucmen

I admire Classic’s exceptional ability to anticipate and capitalize on shifting market conditions.

Tom Littleton, President, LMG Data Mining

Write a book for other hotels to follow!!

Maria Webster, Meeting Planner, InterDent, Inc