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Hotel & Resort Management Services

Property Management

As owners and operators, Classic Hotels & Resorts values the need for sound operating expertise and the achievement of superior and sustainable financial performance. Classic’s tailored hotel and resort management approach respects the independent and unique attributes of each hotel property. An experienced and talented property management team offers an extension of ownership providing responsive leadership, advanced technologies and keen financial insight.

Classic’s willingness to invest capital and extend a competitive fee structure is characteristic of the commitment to achieve a successful partnership between the property owner and management company. Aligning the financial interests of all participants is viewed as fundamental to a rewarding relationship.

Classic also values the unique balance linking intuitive customer service, employee well-being and investor returns. By applying equal measures of entrepreneurial insight and hands on supervision, Classic has distinguished itself from the competition.

In addition to resort property management, Classic Hotels & Resorts offers asset management and technical services support and guidance. The foundation of these services is our collective experience and creative leadership, resulting in maximum property performance and value.

Signatures Tailored to your Needs

  • Fee structure flexibility
  • Superior and sustainable financial performance
  • Expert management and supervision maintains the independent and unique attributes of each property
  • Capital investment and partnership opportunities
  • Advanced technologies and systems for financial reporting and benchmarking
Vision & Philosophy

Vision & Philosophy

Our hospitality management company based on superior and enduring relationships



We offer extensive senior management experience demonstrating success in property acquisitions and daily management



Recognized as an innovative luxury hotel and resort operator, Classic Hotels & Resorts offers a seasoned and imaginative management team



Classic Hotels & Resorts’ property acquisition and development strategy focuses on the full-service luxury segment of the hospitality market.



Read what our clients and partners have to say about us.



Classic Hotels & Resorts is committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability guided by our hotel and green certification partnerships.

Press and Awards

Press & Awards

Celebrating 30 years of awards and service.

Request information

Request Information

Thank you for your interest in Classic Hotels & Resorts. Your request may be submitted to: info@classichotels.com.


The Arizona Grand is certainly on my top 5 list for places to hold association meetings.

Bill Elliott, Aucmen

I admire Classic’s exceptional ability to anticipate and capitalize on shifting market conditions.

Tom Littleton, President, LMG Data Mining

Write a book for other hotels to follow!!

Maria Webster, Meeting Planner, InterDent, Inc